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Dawn, Lovers Walk Fic

Another gift for the ouat landcomm. Prompt: Oh, that would be wonderful! ♥ I don't really ship her, so I prefer gen, and I especially like fics from before she appeared on the show (her fake memories), but I would love anything you write! :) For dance_the_dance. I will probably write a proper Dawn drabble for her, because this was just way too rushed! Word count: 977

Buffy this, Buffy that, Buffy's going to college. Big whoop. Dawn had been getting excellent grades from the get-go, but did anyone buy cake when she got As? Nope. That was a Buffy privilege, along with the super strength, super friends, super boyfriend...

"I picked up some brochures on some nearby schools, okay?" Mom was saying, with that same frenzy she'd had all day, kinda like the time Buffy had finally come back from LA.

Dawn stood beside her, randomly picking up brochures from the countertop. Pfft. Good SAT scores didn't mean jack if burning up the school gym and the science lab was on her permanent record, not to mention her less than stellar grades. But would anyone listen to her? No. But Buffy wasn't going to get into Brown either way. Faith could easily take on the whole Slayer thing, though. She was cool, an opinion Dawn firmly decided on after Faith brought her out on patrol. (Interrupted halfway by a furious Buffy, of course. Totally not cool. She'd been nursing Angel back to health behind their backs at the time, so who was she to talk?)

She tapped her fingers on the brochures impatiently, fidgeting. And then: "Spike?" Disbelieving, on the precipice of happiness. She was torn between grabbing the steak knife from the sink and squeeing.

"Slayer sis." He smirked and stepped across the threshold, no problem.

Well, if Buffy wasn't about to bar him from the house, she wasn't about to make him feel unwelcome. "Don't call me that," she said, crossing her arms. "I'm independent of my precious little sister, you know."

"Big sister," he corrected, then turned to Mom, who had already put down the phone with a puzzled expression. "Hello, Joyce."

"Spike, what are you doing here? Buffy said you'd left town with..." Mom frowned, trying to recall the name.

"Drusilla," Dawn piped up. "Your eternal love and..." she trailed off as Spike suddenly turned his head away. "...Spike?"

Mom had a knowing expression on her face. "I'll put on some tea," she said, because Spike was British.

"Cocoa," came a quiet voice.

Dawn nodded firmly. "Cocoa's always best, Mom." And when Joyce left, Dawn said, "So what happened? Last time I saw you, you were gearing up to rescue your lady love. Or kidnap her. Whatever."

"Your bloody sister! High and mighty, hoity toity Slayer!" He sniffled, clearly trying to be at least a little subtle and failing miserably. He turned to her now, eyes wet and glaring. "She wouldn't even kill me, you know."

Dawn enjoyed how Buffy was now her sister and not the other way round. "That just means she isn't a very good Slayer."

"Not your sis! Dru."

Dawn tried not to show her bewilderment on her face, and instead nodded sagely. "Some peopl--demons, no courtesy." It was one of those evil ritual stuff. Like ghosts celebrating their deathday (Giles had told her that they didn't actually; clearly he'd never read Harry Potter, which, she thought, made him an absolutely miserable excuse for a Brit and human being). Her hand twitched, and she wondered if she could pat him on the back. "Couldn't even spare some time for a good staking."

"And would that be so much to ask? A little time, just the two of us?"

She shook her head vigorously, and tentatively put her hand on his shoulder. "Not at all," she said. "But again, what exactly happened?"

"That truce. Said I'd gone soft. Me, soft!"

She tried to look incredulous. "Can't imagine that." Spike was getting more and more surprising as the visit went on. She'd starting talking thinking he'd be that suave, hot (okay, he was still majorly hot) guy that he'd been last year, delightfully villainous, and the closest evil thing he'd gotten to was ordering Mom to make hot cocoa for him. It was kind of endearing. She remembered the first time they'd met; Buffy had let her secretly tag along to the Bronze under Mom's nose (it was a whole sister solidarity thing) and then Spike had threatened her behind the alley to get the Slayer's attention. She was still kind of resentful about that, truth be told, because Buffy's overprotectiveness had only grown from there.

"We were in Brazil. Blood's real spicy there, got a great tang. We'd suck the girls dry together." Dawn relished those details, that he never held back because she was not old enough for that sort of thing, young lady. (And she most definitely didn't have her stomach turn. Didn't have a little start every time a detail like that came up, a little disbelief. Never had Buffy's warning voice in her head, because her sister did not dictate her life.) "We were happy! Dancin' and drinkin', whole world of c-c-c-chaos with us there. And she would flirt." He looked like he might burst into tears any second now.

Joyce came around and began to pour the cocoa into his mug and Dawn's. "That's so low," she said. "With you right there, not saying anything." Cheating was the worst Dawn could think up, honestly, and no, Dr Spielman, it has nothing to do with parental issues. Honestly, Spike and Dru were evil and all (and Dru was clinically insane, and there was some weird thing with Angelus in the mix), but Dawn thought they were the forever love. If you could love, even while being so evil, it had to be real, right?

He bobbed his head in a kind of drunken nod, and only now did she notice he smelt of a distillery. "So I happen to walk by, and she's making out with a Chaos Demon. And I said, you know, I don't have to put up with this, and she said, fine, and I said, fine, do whatever you want! I thought we'd make up, you know..."

...and the episode continues from there.


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Mar. 16th, 2013 08:42 am (UTC)
This gave me the warm fuzzies.
Mar. 24th, 2013 03:04 pm (UTC)
Jan. 29th, 2014 07:12 am (UTC)
This is delightful! I love how Dawn's fake memories give us so much freedom to speculate. I can totally imagine this scene happening like this with Dawn in the mix - of course even back then she'd have a crush on Spike! (Who could blame her, really? :D) I adore this scene/episode and I think you added a lot to it. I just wish this story was longer! :)
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